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New Deals Coming – Stand By!

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After several years of putting the content for this site on hold, I’m going to start this blog up again to help people stay on top of some of the great deals out there on all kinds of products. Make sure you go like the K8sPlace page on Facebook as well, because not every deal posted there will always make the blog.

I’ve got some big things coming down the pipeline for K8sPlace, so hang in there and let’s see if we can’t find some amazing deals together! And, if you’re looking for a deal on a particular item, feel free to submit it to the Facebook page anytime–I’m happy to be on the hunt for you!

Save with Sam’s Club!

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Groupon is running an excellent discount on a Sam’s Club 1-year membership. The normal club price is $91.23, but for a limited time, buy the Groupon deal and get the year membership for $45! That’s a 51% savings off the normal yearly price. At that rate, you’ll easily make up the membership fee in one trip more than likely. The only catch? This is for new memberships only, so it can’t be applied for renewals.

Check it out today before it’s gone!


Cup of Joe for a Joe (or Jane!)

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Okay, so this isn’t a deal for YOU, necessarily, but it’s a deal that you can give away. Green Beans Coffee is one of my favorite companies because they started a program called Cup of Joe for a Joe. This organization gives away a free coffee (regular or specialty drink of their choice) to men and women who are deployed.

The awesome thing is, the gift of coffee comes from people like you and me who donate to the cause. $2.00 a cup, and your entire donation goes to cover the cost of providing a pick-me-up to these well-deserving members of our Armed Forces. 

But, you want to know what my favorite part is? You get to send a letter along with the cup of coffee that you donate. Then, when the drink is claimed by a service member, they can send you a letter back. I sponsored 40 cups of coffee during the time my husband was deployed to Iraq a few years ago, and received more than 30 emails back from men and women who had received the gift of the coffee. It was truly amazing to hear how thankful they were for that little piece of home and how connected it made them feel to friends and family and memories they could hold on to. 

So, on this Veteran’s Day, take some time out to donate to a good cause and give someone the taste of home. 


Stabucks fans: This one’s for you!

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So, we all love a good deal. What’s not to love about 1/2 off Starbucks deals? That’s right– Groupon is hosting a $5 for $10 worth of Starbucks coffee today! This one won’t last long, so go grab it while it’s hot! 

Pumpkin Spice Latte, anyone? 🙂

Canvas prints are all the rage!

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And this site is a GREAT way to get quality prints for less!  Here’s a link for a FREE 8×10 or $35 off and free shipping on another size.

Canvas prints are great ways to professionally show your own photography on a very professional level.  Get them framed for a completed project, or leave them unframed and hang them directly on the wall. Either way, it’s a beautiful way to showcase your pictures for yourself or as a gift for someone else!

Happy printing!


Free 8x10 or $35 Off and Free Shipping

Sizzling Savings!

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Well, at least that’s the plan.  I absolutely love scoring a good deal, and sharing those deals with everyone else.  As I find and receive coupon codes or hear of deals happening, I will be posting these for everyone to be able to snag!  After all, why buy something full price, if you can get it MUCH cheaper?!

Stay tuned…